Jul 29th
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Kahulugan ng mga panaginip

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Noong Nob. 10, 2009, naglabas ang Inquirer Libre ng artikulo tungkol sa kahulugan ng mga panaginip. Ito ang ilang email na natanggap ng Philippine Parapsychologist Society. 

Hello, I'm Karen , 25 yrs.old & I write to help me interpret my dream. My dream was, I am with my sister and I as hold her hand with a rosary. Then she touched my forehead with the rosary and we prayed the Lord’s prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be. I reacted as if I was being possessed and I couldn’t pronounce the prayers.  I kept on struggling to stay  awake.  I don’t know why is this happening to me.  Sometimes, I wake up struggling because I couldn’t move, as if  there was something in me that is so heavy.  Hope you can help me. —KAREN


Hi KAREN,  it seems heaven is calling for your soul to keep. Seek deeper in your religion and God loves you by trying to whisper to you about your not being able to say the prayers. You are an intelligent and sensitive person who went through struggles in early life. Your dream is a new beginning. A new horizon for you to look at.
 God be with you. --  KRISTOF

GOOD day! Please interpret my dreams.
1. I’m a married person but  I never dreamed about my husband. I always see other guys in my dreams. I  feel something about these unknown guys. I feel like I’m attached to them (No particular guy because each  dream has a different man). But in my dreams it seems like I’ve always known them so well. But when I wake up, I have no idea who the guy was.
2. This is my friends dream.  She dreamed that she was flying in a broomstick. Another time, she dreamed that she was jumping from roof to roof, like she was flying. —LUISA


Hi LUISA,  1. The guy in your dream is a guy in your previous life or reincarnated life. You will soon see him again in this life.  This is a message to you that you will meet him soon. Your husband has not fulfilled your expectations of him. But you know your suppressed feelings.
2.  Your friends dream:  flying in a broom stick means she has the ability to use her mental powers. She has a strong personality that has to be tempered. Expect good fortune. —KRISTOPH  


Ang Philippine Parapsychologist Society ay kasapi ng International Para Psi Society na nakabase sa NewYorkShire London na tanging mga nakapasa lamang sa mga makasiyentipikong pagsusuri ng World Para Psyche Investigators.

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Kahulugan ng mga panaginip
Monday, 01 February 2010
Noong Nob. 10, 2009, naglabas ang Inquirer Libre ng artikulo tungkol sa kahulugan ng mga panaginip. Ito ang ilang email na natanggap ng Philippine...


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