Jul 30th
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ANI Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin, directress ng Multiple Intelligenge International School Foundation Inc., lahat ng tao may 8 uri ng intelligence o “smarts.”

Lamang may mga intelligence na mas lantad sa isang tao ngunit iba naman ang smart ng kanyang kasama.

Linguistic Intelligence (word smart) is the capacity to use language, whether the mother tongue or a foreign one, to express oneself or understand another person.

“People with a strong verbal-linguistic intelligence have highly developed skills for reading, speaking and writing,” anang Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory na binuo ni Dr. Howard Gardner. Interesado ang ganitong mga tao sa literature, word games, poetry and stories.

Sino mang tao na namumuhunan sa verbal skills ay nagha-highlight ng linguistic intelligence.

Hindi lang talino sa Trigonometry ang strength sa Logical-Math Intelligence (number smart). “People who are logical-mathematically intelligent like to conduct experiments, solve puzzles and problems, ask cosmic questions and analyze circumstances and people’s behavior,” batay sa MI Theory.

Ang spatial intelligence (picture smart) or the ability to represent the spatial world internally in one’s mind ay mahalaga hindi lang sa artists. Kailangan din ito ng scientists.

“Certain sciences like anatomy or topology emphasize spatial intelligence. People with this strength are excellent at performing tasks that require ‘seeing with the mind’s eyes’ such as visualizing, pretending, imagining and forming mental images.”

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (body smart) uses the whole or parts of the body to solve a problem or involve it into a production. Examples are dancing the waltz, maintaining balance while walking or knowing the keys on a piano.

Musical Intelligence (music smart) is the capacity to “think in music,” hear patterns , recognize them, remember them and to a certain extent, manipulate them.

Interpersonal Intelligence (people smart) is the ability to relate to different kinds of people and use this gift to make a difference in their lives by helping solve issues or conflicts.

Intrapersonal Intelligence (self smart) refers to understanding oneself. People with this strength are self-reflective and are in tune with their inner feelings, values and thinking processes and are willing to share these to improve other people’s lives.

Ang mga malakas naman sa Naturalist Intelligence (nature smart) ay merong profound love and fascination for outdoors, animals, plants and almost any natural object.

“This ability was clearly of value in our evolution as hunters, gatherers and farmers.  it continues to be central in such roles as botanists and chefs,” anang MI Theory. CC Yamsuam

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009
ANI Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin, directress ng Multiple Intelligenge International School Foundation Inc., lahat ng tao may 8 uri ng intelligence o...


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