Jul 07th
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Home Showbuzz Showbuzz Nation Latest victim of sex video scandal is...a man?

Latest victim of sex video scandal is...a man?

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THE horrific Hayden Kho video scandal has claimed its latest victim—and it’s a man. Yup, Media Personality, who’s quite friendly with the scandal’s major stars, is rumored as a co-star in one video. How much wilder can this witch hunt get?

Meanwhile, MP’s nemesis, Sexy Actress, who was also linked to the videos, has avoided the slings and arrows by going abroad. She’ll return when the coast is clear, says a spy.

Sex video redux
Before the public could gasp, “Enough already...” there’s said to be a Part 3 to Sweet Actress’ sex video. This time, a source claims, SA was aware of the goings-on, as her partner was seen fixing the camera in front of her. All together now: Anuvayan!
Kho-dependent, Kho-defendant?
There’s this joke going around: Vicki Belo was quoted as saying that she and Hayden may be in a co-dependent relationship. Is she a Kho-dependent then?

Now that Katrina Halili has named Belo in her suit vs Kho, could Belo be considered a Kho-defendant as well?

Royal tantrum
Lesson for show biz wannabes: If you’re unhappy and itching to throw a tantrum on the set, follow the example of Veteran Actress.
The production staff of a popular telenovela failed to inform VA that the script required her to get totally drenched. When she learned, VA wasn’t keen on it but, being a pro, she did the scene. Then she calmly proceeded to the changing room, got dry and dressed and walked straight to her car—never to be seen or heard from again.
An insider says VA’s character was soon bumped off the series because of that— but what a classy way of throwing a fit!
Secret weapon
Lead Star in the scandal du jour is unperturbed, should show biz assignments or endorsements peter out. Is it because LS has Rich Benefactor, who is dangerously close to very powerful politicians? No wonder LS comes across as smug in the face of ruin, noted a source.

Controversial Celebrity has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, according to a source close to CC.

According to the Net, BPD sufferers commonly report, as probable cause, child abuse—whether emotional, verbal, psychological or sexual—by a parent or caregiver.

True enough, another mole suspects CC’s mom is to blame. “CC used to complain that the mom was overbearing and demanding. She used to berate CC for being dumb and ugly.”


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Latest victim of sex video scandal is...a man?
Wednesday, 17 June 2009
THE horrific Hayden Kho video scandal has claimed its latest victim—and it’s a man. Yup, Media Personality, who’s quite friendly with the...


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